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There is a matter being adjourned presently with the CCB. I thought it was relevant to
Bring to Your attention, (The Deputy and Registrar) That a Dr. Danyluk had attempted To suggest I was Incapable of Consenting to treatment.
In the guise that I Do not understand the negative and positive rammifications of taking treatment.

And yet, there is a problem… Dr. Danyluk never suggested a specific treatment, officially or otherwise.

– Secondly,

Dr. Danyluk never completed a formal assessment of Me. And she never asked Me about a specific drug.

– Thirdly,
Her diagnosis is a wildcard:

That is to say that she is saying that I am either Schizophrenic or Delusional. But that is a very serious issue. Especially being that the treatment for either is very different. How is it that I can be this thing – Or not and yet She does not suggest to Me a treatment.
And then I’m told I would’nt understand the positive and negative rammifications of them – These Drugs which are not specified?


My new Dr, Dr. John Bradford Who has a credible reputation Suggests that I do not have schizophrenia.

I brought this to the attention of June Bell, And suggested that It was a non-suit. Infact, I fired My lawyer when He seemed hesitant to do his job And press for non-suit. I said all of these things I’ve written to You whilst defending Myself – And yet still June suggested there was no reason for a non-suit.

I know My rights and I believe that even If You intercede on My behalf and put this farce to an end – That I have to follow up with Legal inquiries in an attempt to get as much monetarily as I can. And furthermore to get as much publicity as I can in the media regarding this misconduct.

I was a computer programmer of some worth on the outside, My website URL is:
You can read about me in the bio/ section.
Robert James Ellis

BTW, Janice Blackburn Who is representing Dr. Danyluk and The Hospital – Paid By the hospital was trying to suggest the reason for going ahead with this ccb anyways was some homeless Man with little faculties Years ago was hesitant to be assessed.

And yet, I had a job, I am a self starting Man who has his future and health in mind.
It’s also been said By Mrs. Blackburn that it was My lawyer (Peter Mudry) that prompted The Board to get ahold of Dr. Bradford. I know that not to be the case; And furthermore – I know for a matter of factly that Janice Blackburn does not have a leg to stand on in the argument She posed to June Bell wherein She stated that If I was serious about a non-suit then Why ask for Dr. Bradford.


They both stated why did I not do a formal assessment of Capacity to Consent To Treatment with Dr. John Bradford to get it over and done with. It’s because I do not like being threatened. And I see this as a way of starting litigation and starting Media interest on which is most definitely a miscarriage of justice and absurd to even contemplate.
Please, Registrar, Management – Let’s Make this right. You can be the one who explains to the media that You made it right – And that You were not responsible for Mrs. June Bell’s Actions or decisions.

Robert James Ellis
DOB: 01 28 1979
Beckwith A Ward
500 Church Street
Penetanguishene, Ontario
L9M 1g3


And also, can You please attach this .pdf file?
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