DJ 101-65 Stereo Width and Slamdawg

I was testing Out the Product Slamdawg Made By BeatSkillz. I purchased it while it was on sale at Pluginboutique; Anyways; I was realizing that its stereowidth feature is very effective.

Moreover; Doubly effective than most I have tried and there is seemingly no colour.

It’s really a win win situation to get Slam Dawg as I believe it is one of the best solutions for Stereo width On the Market.

If You get the free Plugin Bundle from MeldaProduction HERE; Than You can use the (free) stereoscope utility which allows You to see How Much width your sound takes up. And don’t forget – Drums sometimes have the greatest width.


For more information about the Stereo Scope Plugin Press Here.

And take heed of this as well: Even drum Synths like Drumazon By D16 force Mono; You need to first change the drums to a stereo signal and then Affect the width with slam dawg.

When You first enable Slam dawg as an effect in Your track it looks like this:


next, change all the settings to off


Then leave Your stereo width at about here:


And it should result in stereo width that should look like this:


And maybe add this to the master channel:


I recommend either Freehaas by Ben Vesco – Vesco FX or HaasPan by Noisebud for making a “thinned” track “seem” fatter; However, there’s another product that is Well worth a mention – It’s called the Sausage Fattener By Dada Life;


And I assure You the sausage Fattener by Dada life is one of the best solutions for making a sound seem both wide and loud. It defies stereo width as it does not seem to affect it. A pretty handy utility If You ask Me.

I’ve been wanting to buy a copy; I Think I will.

And BTW, I was doing some testing with other products; I tested out a demo of the MeldaProduction Software VST Called “MstereoProcessor” And I found it to be a close equal to slam dawg’s functionality. However; it has more settings;


You can either Buy MstereoProcessor for forty euros at Melda Production or at pluginboutique.

I Guess in the end, Slam dawg has the most functionality overall


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